About Us

Hi! We are Asha and Nick. Welcome to our blog. We are a fun loving, adventure seeking Dutch/English couple living in Costa Rica. Being away from our friends and family we decided to start a travel blog to keep everyone up to date and to capture our travels.

For everyone that stumbles upon our blog not knowing too much about us, here’s some fun facts. The ‘we’ in wearetravelling also refers to Kaja our dog. So we are actually with three. I am sometimes not too sure how she likes the travelling bit but she definitely loves the destination part, especially when she gets to run around tropical beaches and play with the local dogs. Other fun facts: Nick loves to drink and I like to eat. Nick swears by spreadsheets and I like to freestyle. We also name our cars. So far we’ve had Lucy Land Rover, Debby Dodge and now we have trustworthy Tammy Toyota.

Before moving to Costa Rica we lived in The Hague (The Netherlands). Last year Nick decided to take a break from his job and go back to university. That’s how we ended up in Costa Rica. Having finished my degree in Journalism right before we left it was time for me to get going and start freelancing as a writer and photographer, take a look at @price_media_productions on Instagram if you’re interested. So far we have loved every minute of our big adventure in Costa Rica so who knows what is still to come? Hope to see you back again soon!

Cheers, Asha and Nick

P.S. Since we’ve been all over the world already, we’ll be posting a flashback every other Friday of some of the places we’ve seen. So stay tuned for those!