Cuba | Havana unlocked

February 10, 2018

Take away the color and it would seem that you have stepped back in time, not revealing it is actually 2018. Havana in some places looks like it has been frozen in time, look closer and you will see however slow, Cuba is moving closer to the twenty-first century. The classic cars driving down the street for which Havana is famous, are now accompanied by younger brothers and sisters. The bici-taxi cyclists now use their smartphones for music while they transport tourists from one site to another. And even limited internet is now accessible for over a year.

Mixed feelings
The short visit to Havana left me with mixed feelings. To me some of the Cubans did not seem at all happy despite the music coming from all corners, smiles and  the architectural grandeur. The new restaurants, access to internet and other facilities are only open to few, most of them tourists. It made me even more aware of our position as visitors going down a one-way street.

In this photo-essay I’ve tried to capture the impression I had from Havana. The old cars, crumbling buildings, emptiness, charm and overall beauty.












Nick’s thoughts on Havana: There is music everywhere. A lot has changed since my last visit five years ago yet Havana remains a vibrant city. It’s a great place to spend time walking around and soaking up the atmosphere, be it food, drink, music or cigars.







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  • Reply Richard February 10, 2018 at 10:30 am

    Really nice sharp black & white photos giving a sense of yesteryear

    • Reply We Are Travelling February 10, 2018 at 5:01 pm

      Thanks Richard for the nice comment! We had a great time in Havana 🙂

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